Stem cells grown in Lens help in Corneal treatment


Contact lenses have been greatly accepted as a vision correcting optical device and also as an excellent alternative to glasses. Such lenses  are now to be used in a special treatment for eyes with problems of  cornea. This new form of sight restoration by healing the cornea is said to be a safer and cost effective method as opposed to the surgical or other methods.

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City supposed to save in Millions by feeding Big Bellies


In order to save our Earth from destruction due to accumulation of wastes in different forms [solid, liquid, gas],  ingenious ideas are being seen to be applied in many places. A few days back we had seen the reverse vending machines as a brilliant idea in motivating people into recycling, as a result, cutting costs in different areas. What we see here is another such idea.

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Magnets with the Cellular touch


This image should pretty much remind you of those Biology classes. Neutrophil, Eosinophil, Basophil…remember them? These are the various WBC [white blood cells] found in blood and lymphatic system. What you see here are not enlarged images of the same but a bunch of magnets imitating the very look of the white cells. They look real good with the glass pebble form!

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Petaminx, the colorful way to get puzzled


OMG! How did the simple Rubik’s cube transform into this complex form? Rubik’s cube….hmmm….simple….may be for those who possess the art of solving a jumbled one. Wasn’t that enough on the brains when others started popping up with their increased puzzling intensity! The cube game and the IQ Rhombus were just posing a threat when this Petaminx arrives with a bang to join the gang of this confusing colorful group.

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British scientists to make the world’s first Artificial Blood


A revolutionary breakthrough in medicine comes from some British scientists…”Synthetic Human Blood” derived from embryonic stem cells. If this project is successful, the world may finally see the day when there is no shortage of human blood supply and that too the ones which are completely free of any infection! Since stem cells multiply indefinitely, it basically can result in this enormous quantity of blood.

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Natural Rocks as substitute for Ice-cubes


The picture you see above is not of some ice-cubes designed like rocks…rather, they ARE rocks for real! Originated from the Scandinavian country of Sweden, these Nordic stones are absolutely pollution-free and is by far the “the purest way of cooling your drink – literally ‘on the rocks’“. These stones not melt like usual ice and therefore can be re-used easily making them very eco-friendly.

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