Days get color-filled with the Ink Calendar


Whenever we look at calendars the dates of every month are already there, but how about one in which each date gets revealed every day. You don’t have to tear off any paper or replace any thing nor it is anything digital. This is a very unique type of calender design that uses capillary action to let the dates emerge on its own as the days pass by.

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Bike Rides help in Powering Buses


Here is a concept bike Hybrid² that demonstrates how riding a bike is not only  good for our health but also for our wallets and the environment. These bikes are specially built so that the energy used in riding it can get stored for further use. This stored energy eventually helps empower a complete  hybrid bus system.

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Solar Powered Sunflower Jaguar and its Killer looks


Jaguar has always been a pioneer in car design. Elegance has also been an integral factor for this prestigious automobile brand. In a time when “Go Green!” is being spoken in every language, Jaguar is smart enough to jump into the bandwagon. Check out the Jaguar Mark XXI, completely powered by solar energy and extremely energy efficient.

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