Little Robots for your Desk, may boost your spirit


Who doesn’t want to own a Robot? Sometimes we really feel lazy to even prepare a cup of coffee…we just hope if someone would do it for us at that very moment. Machines do make the work easier but a moving one that acts on our commands is what one would desire, for but such possessions are like dreams that are too good to be true.

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Extra Terrestrial life – Right here on Earth?


Forget looking for aliens somewhere on some other planet…now scientists believe that we can find extra terrestrial life right here on earth (yes, seriously)!! We know life the way it is. But as Wired explains “If life arose not just once, but multiple times on Earth, life as we don’t know it could be here on our own planet, perhaps using different chemical processes than we’ve ever seen before“.

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3D IQ Rhombus


Cubes and colors, not that uncommon a sight. The credit goes to the puzzling Rubik’s cube game that was as exciting as frustrating.The 3x3x3 form was not enough a trouble when more complicated forms started to appear. The extended family of Rubik’s cube enlarged to include Dream’s Mirror Blocks, Irregular IQ Cube and even lamps, more puzzles and what not!

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