Microsoft and Google are collaborating to build Angular 2


Google’s AngularJS JavaScript framework has been a major success in recent times. It has received tremendous support across the web development community. And recently, at the ng-conf in Salt Lake City, it was announced that Google will be working with Microsoft’s TypeScript team to build Angular 2 and “converge” the TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript developed by Microsoft) and AtScript languages.

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3DAround lets you capture and view food photographs in 3D

3daround app 3d food photography

There’s no shying away from the fact that we love taking pictures of food. It could be home made or street food or something, that’s divine enough to get hold of our cameras and take the finest possible impression of the tantalizing treat. Now how about capturing the same in 3D, so you can enjoy a 360º view of it on your phone? Sounds fun? Then read on.

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Paper Snowflake Maker lets you design snowflakes without the need of scissors


With a snowy Winter around, you might have an urge to make some paper snowflakes and display around your cubicle or room. However before deciding on a singular design, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a way of experimenting, that does not waste paper nor involve the use of scissors?

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Nervous System’s Kinematics creates flexible 3D printed dress, a first of its kind


You have heard about 3D printing and its numerous applications in various fields. But did you know that a similar technology could be used to manufacture a dress, that isn’t rigid, unlike a 3D printed product? So here you have the amazing Kinematics Dress exhibiting a textile like flow!

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Sponsored Video: Watch how GoCam feat. aBubbl™ lets you click photos with a simple hand gesture!

Snapping pictures digitally and sharing them with our friends and family have become an integral part of our social life. While there are ample options to do so, we look for the fastest, easiest and above all a reliable process for our photo sharing needs. With GoCam feat. aBubbl™, the game changes altogether because with it, you go all ‘touchless’!

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