Firefox 3.6 to feature accelerometer support


Laptop web-browsing has now taken a new turn. Firefox 3.6 will now support screen orientation detection in laptops with accelerometers. Although at this point not too many laptops come with built-in accelerometers, this definitely marks a new era of web-browsing. Ofcourse this technology will probably be more realistic for tablet computers (e.g. the upcoming Apple Tablet etc.) instead of regular laptops.

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Dell launches Inspiron Mini 10 powered by Moblin


Moblin’s future seems to be brighter than most people anticipated. First we got a confirmation that Moblin 2.1 may be running in mobiles of tomorrow and now Dell unveils that Inspiron Mini 10 will be running it too. Do not underestimate Moblin. Although it is not here to compete with Ubuntu, the OS by itself is a super-stable and robust Linux distro. It has been reported that Dell is initially aiming this model at developers.

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