Microsoft supports YouTube’s decision to pull out support for IE6


Microsoft has officially supported Youtube’s decision to stop support for IE6. Even Microsoft agrees…it is about time. IE6 has already been reputed to be the most hated web browser, especially by web designers. It is predicted Youtube’s move is just a start, as most high profile websites have started to initiate the process to stop supporting IE6 altogether.

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Secure your card info when making online payments with SmartSwipe


Many of us are used to online purchases with the use of credit card but somehow security of your card information in such transactions is not guaranteed. So there are chances that your credit card information being tampered and be used in unscrupulous activities. As a solution NetSecure Technologies brings you a device, the SmartSwipe that helps you swipe your card in it for online payment rather than typing in your credit card number.

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Facial recognition, Object identification in your next Apple iPhone OS


Apple’s revolutionary approach to new technology is almost never ending. Almost every product it releases is always more interesting than the previous one. Here’s an update on the next iPhone OS (possibly version 4.0 or 5.0): You can point your iPhone to a real object which the phone will actually recognize and provide relevant information about it! How about that.

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Sneak Peek: Google Chrome OS


With another OS revolution in the horizon, we couldn’t stop searching for any more updates on the upcoming Google Chrome OS. Looks like we may have found some. Here’s a few shots of the one of the most anticipated OS. Ofcourse this is nowhere close to the final version which is scheduled to be released sometime mid 2010, but it is still a working Private Developer Beta.

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