Pocket Yoga, the Lenovo Netbook


Looks are deceiving! It’s not a leather clutch purse as the first glance suggests, but the first looks of Lenovo’s rumored netbook. It open ups to an appearance that reminds you of  the similar  VAIO-P  from Sony. It’s called the Pocket Yoga….why pocket? Estimate the size with the pictures that follow.

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What would an Old-School iPhone look like?


A glance and it brings back a lot of memories. Those rotary dial telephones with their heavy handsets donned with an assortment of colors  still occupies a certain space in the communication arena. This picture is a tremendous change from the previous ones with its sleek and stylish form as also its functioning.

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Google Chrome for Mac, finally in the horizon


Good new for the Apple fanboys. Google has always promised about Chrome running on the Mac, looks like it’s finally happening. This screenshot you see comes from the Chromium Development Google Group and is a solid evidence. Currently the browser is still very much in the development stage and there are no working build available at this time.

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Download Windows 7 beta till January 24th


Slight change of plans announced by Microsoft. It will make Windows 7 beta available for download at least till January 24, 2009. Therefore, the 2.5 million download limit is scrapped. Why? It is because the response was so high that it even brought the Microsoft.com website to a halt, because of the overload by concurrent users.

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Microsoft may fire 15,000 employees


There is a widespread rumor in the internet that the world’s largest software company, Microsoft, is geared up to start laying off atleast 15,000 full-time employees. Currently, Microsoft has 91,000 employees world-wide and as per the news, the company will begin lay-offs world-wide as early as 15 January 2009. If this happens, it will be recorded as the first ever widespread job loss in the history of the company.

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