Oriental Landscape is a functional cup that also serves as a beautiful showpiece

lighting cup 1

Imagine having a blissful cup of tea and then using the same tea cup to create a serene landscape decor for your room. Sounds cool? Then you might like having a look at this awesome Oriental Landscape Lighting Cup !

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Discarded Film Rolls get transformed into creative fancy Bags


Making use of waste materials to develop something new, requires a balance of both creativity and willingness. So here we are with Messie Design, which with its idea of giving a second life to disposed rolls of 35mm films, has brought us this unique collection of messenger and clutch bags!

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The fascinating Hair Styles themed Pasta Packaging concept

pasta packaging in different hair styles _1

We have seen innovative ways in which food comes packed in boxes. Just take a look at these spaghetti, noodle and juice packages and you will be surprised. Now check out this new concept that creatively displays your favorite pasta showcasing curls, twirls and so much more. Don’t you like the simple idea?

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