Chocolate-paint brings the delight of imagining Chocolates as Paint Tubes!


Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and chocolates are undoubtedly a part of the celebration. So to have the sweet and romantic feeling going, we thought of sharing with you this awesome Chocolate-paint idea, that has a box of syrup filled chocolates look like paint tubes.

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Meet Ulo, the cute home monitoring Owl


This little owl is called Ulo. It has been designed to be a proactive entity, primarily monitoring activities in your home when required. What makes it so endearing is its ability to communicate using different eye expressions, as if it were a real bird. Watch the video and you will see how it is able to bond with the user instantly!

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Fastest data speed has been recorded at 1.125 Tb/sec


The current fastest optical transmission technology allows us to reach data speeds of 100 Gb/sec. That is fast, very fast…but is no longer the fastest. The Electrical Engineering department of the University College of London (UCL) has recently reported that it has successfully achieved data speeds of 1.125 Tb/sec.

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