Printable Minion themed Candy Wrappers


The Minions from the movie Despicable Me, with their antics, have captured the hearts of both young and old. The mere mention of the name are enough to get anyone giggling. So we thought of bringing you this — Minion themed candy wrappers, that you can download, print and enjoy using. The best part is they are free!

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Mobile Phones: an integral part of Business operations

phone for business

Remaining connected in today’s fast paced life has become quite the norm for all cultures world wide. Be it for gathering information for a project or just being in touch with family and friends, sharing ideas with colleagues or sending emails to customers; technology has opened newer dimensions to cater to the needs of all.

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Cu.braker is a Rubik’s Cube lookalike phone charger that twists to shut down the electric power when done


Meet Cu.braker, a Rubik’s Cube lookalike phone charger that can also twist like the popular toy! When the phone is plugged in, it acts as an indicator to show the status of the charging process, while also stopping the process automatically by twisting itself when the phone is completely charged.

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