Google launches URL shortening service


After Facebook’s recent URL shortening service launch a.k.a., its now Google’s turn. It seems to be like a movement, everybody wants their URLs shortened, no one seems to be interested in traditional links anymore. Looks like the world is getting lazier everyday. Anyway, the new Google service is meant for Google Products only, atleast at this time. It is called

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Paper craft treats that make you feel like enjoying them


We have seen beforehand that how amazing paper creations can be. If you haven’t already come across them, you might want to take a look at this paper castle or this papergraphic. Our new post showcases an altogether different form of paper craft with an assortment of paper made delicacies and neatly served lemon tea! The arrangement looks very tempting and welcoming, although everything is a paper model.

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Lightsaber Chopsticks for the Star Wars fans


It is no surprise that Star Wars shares some ideas from the old Samurai movies. Lightsabers and Jedi outfits are some of the few examples. So incase you are a Star Wars fan, you may find these Lightsaber Chopsticks interesting. In fact for just $33, this is sure to impress any one. Available in three attractive colors, Darth Vader’s Chopsticks (Red), Luke Skywalker’s Chopsticks (Blue) and Yoda’s Chopsticks (Golden Green).

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Remote Controlled wall climbing insect, may freak you out


From the zillions of gadgets you will come across, sometimes you come across a few which are definitely interesting. Here’s a good example. Take a look at this remote controlled Space Insect that can actually climb the ceiling walls and other surfaces with ease. “Remote Control the insect climbing in the wall, ceiling, ground, mirror, windows, etc. The Weightless insect design, which like to run in zero gravity performance. Are you ready to RUN?

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