Yahoo and Microsoft signs 10 year search deal


In an effort to compete with the undisputed search king Google, Microsoft and Yahoo finally solidifies their 10 year search deal. And there’s a good reason for it. As per a Net Applications report, Google actually accounted for a massive 85% of all the searches performed on the internet. On a comparative scale Yahoo and Microsoft account for less than 10% when combined. That’s not just bad, its pathetic!

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VMWare to develop dual OS virtualization software for smartphones


VMWare has been around for a while and doing a pretty good job in what they do, making virtualization software for desktops/laptops. Their software runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux…well…until now. The company recently announced that it will now make virtualization software for smartphones too. Why? Because consumers are just too confused in figuring out what is the best for them. Is it Android or may be webOS? Or may be its Windows Mobile?

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