World’s highest capacity 1.8 inch HDD from Toshiba


USB flash drives are super portable with a decent capacity. Hard Disk Drives now need to compete pretty bad to make their presence felt. In an attempt to keep portability as well as capacity balanced, Toshiba has launched the world’s highest capacity 1.8 inch HDD. It features a 320 GB disk space and features a 3.0Gbps SATA interface. Other specs include a decent 5400 RPM, 16MB buffer and a super-quiet 19dB noise factor.

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Want to dine on the Periodic Table?


Furniture designs are in general elegant although sometimes they can be funny or even pretty serious. Just have a look at this table-bench combo. We all know about periodic table but using the very same pattern to design a real table in addition to a seating arrangement seems pretty frightening. Well, Chemistry lovers would enjoy dining on it but what about the rest? Whenever you dine it can be a constant reminder of the serious Chemistry classes!

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