Reusing Paper to create some awesome structures


It’s always interesting to know and learn about the different thoughts and ideas that people would like to share. The cabinet concerned here might look like from an earlier age, may be excavated but is very much presently made and surely not made of marble even if the picture hints so. The cabinet you see is made of paper pulp, again an alternative idea in reusing paper that needs to be thought about.

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Cuckoo Speaker for the old school Cuckoo clock lovers


We all have heard about the famous Cuckoo clock in which a tiny door opens to let out the bird at specified hours and make a call resembling the cuckoo call. Some of us might have seen those as well. In line with this clock now there’s a speaker called the Cuckoo Speaker which is supposed to open up its doors and let its speaker shoot out just like the bird in the clock would!

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World’s highest capacity 1.8 inch HDD from Toshiba


USB flash drives are super portable with a decent capacity. Hard Disk Drives now need to compete pretty bad to make their presence felt. In an attempt to keep portability as well as capacity balanced, Toshiba has launched the world’s highest capacity 1.8 inch HDD. It features a 320 GB disk space and features a 3.0Gbps SATA interface. Other specs include a decent 5400 RPM, 16MB buffer and a super-quiet 19dB noise factor.

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