BMW Vision gives a cool 63 mpg, generate a massive 356HP and can even run on all-electric power


Check out the BMW Vision, a car that can run on all-electric power just like the Chevy Volt. But if you can fill in the 6.6 gallon diesel fuel tank, this car can run even 431 miles straight! This is because it is extremely energy efficient and gives a very impressive 63 mpg. Considering its killer looks and its near production status (well, not really), its hard to overlook this vehicle if money isn’t a factor.

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Geeky Coasters with Typographic Characters


Ok, here are some more geeky stuff right for a geeky party or simply for your desk. The enlarged individual characters are coasters and have been cut out from boards like cork, hardwood plywood, medium-density fiberboard and acrylic. Some were laser cut while some were handmade. The fonts you see here include Times New Roman, Gill Sans, Courier New Bold, Futura Bold Italic and Miso.

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Making liquid fuel from Carbon Dioxide, the ultimate recycling you will come across


Sandia National Laboratories is building a device that can “reenergize” carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide which can then be converted to hydrogen. The hydrogen formed will be the primary element in creating a liquid combustible fuel like gasoline, diesel and even jet fuel. And all this using just concentrated solar power. How about that! The protoype already exists and is called Counter Rotating Ring Receiver Reactor Recuperator or CR5 (in short).

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