Corona-Matic makes Keyboard shaped Waffles


The picture might excite you but just hold on! Undoubtedly this machine has the ability to create yummy looking keyboard shaped waffles, but it is not just available for sale yet. Why? The reason is that this idea was merely the result of a project, for the School of Visual Arts, that needed any obsolete machine to be converted into something useful to repurpose it.

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Chrome officially surpasses Safari, becomes the no. 3 browser


It was a rough fight for the third spot. But after the release of Chrome for Linux and the Mac, it was clear. Google slipped past Safari by a narrow margin. According to Net Applications, Chrome jumped to 4.4% and surpasses Safari’s 4.37% market share. Ofcourse the number may change and fluctuate considerably, but considering Google’s immense popularity it is unlikely that Safari can get back to the same position. This was inevitable, people.

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3D camera with 158 lenses sets a new world record


What you see above is a powerful 3D camera and definitely the camera with the highest number of lenses, as per Guinness World Records. The number stands at 158 (lenses). Made by Nagoya Institute of Technology, this camera has been designed by Associate Professor Yojiro Ishino and his students in order to take 3D pictures of a flame.

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Splash Lounge Chair lets you enjoy the splash effect


Although it’s winter and you do not have any interest in diving in swimming pools or enjoy the water but there’s no harm in appreciating a design. A work of art that definitely derives its features from the likes of splashing of a liquid, this is the lounge chair called the Splash Lounge Chair. It’s big enough for a person to lie comfortably in it and that too in style!

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Google launches URL shortening service


After Facebook’s recent URL shortening service launch a.k.a., its now Google’s turn. It seems to be like a movement, everybody wants their URLs shortened, no one seems to be interested in traditional links anymore. Looks like the world is getting lazier everyday. Anyway, the new Google service is meant for Google Products only, atleast at this time. It is called

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Paper craft treats that make you feel like enjoying them


We have seen beforehand that how amazing paper creations can be. If you haven’t already come across them, you might want to take a look at this paper castle or this papergraphic. Our new post showcases an altogether different form of paper craft with an assortment of paper made delicacies and neatly served lemon tea! The arrangement looks very tempting and welcoming, although everything is a paper model.

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