Remote Controlled wall climbing insect, may freak you out


From the zillions of gadgets you will come across, sometimes you come across a few which are definitely interesting. Here’s a good example. Take a look at this remote controlled Space Insect that can actually climb the ceiling walls and other surfaces with ease. “Remote Control the insect climbing in the wall, ceiling, ground, mirror, windows, etc. The Weightless insect design, which like to run in zero gravity performance. Are you ready to RUN?

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Tata Swach, a boon for the billions without clean drinking water


It’s a known fact that in many parts of the world, a basic requirement such as clean drinking water, is still not available. Be it poverty or any other factor it brings us face to face with a dreadful situation.Here’s a water purifier introduced by Tata in India which looks like a real wonder for the not so privileged because it doesn’t run on electricity nor does it need flowing water for activation.

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Opera Mobile finally for Android phones


Opera has announced today that the company will release an Android edition of its Opera Mobile for the distributors/OEMs. So you may expect to see the new browser in your next Android phone along with the default browser. By the way, this is not the same as Opera Mini, which is a relatively simpler edition of Opera Mobile. The Mobile browser features full rendering capabilities, enough to make you happy.

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Nokia confirms 1 million downloads a day from the Ovi Store


Nokia revealed its Ovi Store performance numbers recently. And the numbers are pretty impressive. The company confirms 1 million downloads a day on an average from the Ovi store. Ofcourse the numbers indicate total number of downloads, not just the total number of apps downloaded. The online store also consists of wallpapers, themes and music files too.

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