Cool and beautiful Zipper Jewelry made from vintage zipper


From recycled plastic to paper we have seen a lot of  different jewelery designs. This is yet another collection that involves vintage zipper; used and clasped in different ways to create cool forms of jewelery from necklace to bracelet to earrings and many more. The choice of colors and designs make them unique while reusing of the zippers make them all the more attractive.

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The iHammock for the iPhone


iPhone helps users in ample ways [I guess], so much that it does get tired! What is better than letting it rest in a cool hammock to chill out after a whole day’s work. The concept called the iHammock looks like one but is also a dock for iPhone for letting it get charged in a stylized manner. The iHammock is equipped with a parasol that is used to serve as a solar power battery charger.

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