Windows 7 activation hack arrives, finally


Another Windows hack arrives. This time for the latest version a.k.a. Windows 7. Hell! Now we know why these hackers get so less sleep. They just can’t leave poor “M” alone. This new hack does not even need an OEM key at all and bypasses the verification DLL completely. Even worse…not even the activation reminder pop-ups show up!

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AMD breaks the 7GHz barrier with hyper-cooled helium


We have heard about various overclocking speeds, but this is pure insane! At a recent fun overclocking event hosting by AMD, the company showed some crazy overclocking tips & tricks. The folks out there managed to break the 7Ghz speed barrier by overclocking a Phenom II processor. Since, heat is “the” biggest enemy for any processor, AMD made this possible by hyper-cooling the device by using liquid helium.

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