Watch time in Hex, Binary and Octal, things cannot get geekier than this


A quick look at this multi-format LED watch and you instantly know that this is meant totally for the geeks. No questions. With a partially visible circuitry and showing time in hex, binary and octal…I don’t think a watch can get any geekier than this. The device is actually hand-assembled consisting of aluminum and acrylic as the primary ingredients.

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Notebooks in Sliced Bread style


Every morning usually begins with a cup of hot coffee [or tea as in the east] followed by toasted bread slices with a kiss of jam or butter in between. A pack of sliced bread can be found almost in every other home, but watch out for this pack that has notebooks instead of breads. With these slices you can jot down your thoughts as you take a sip of your hot morning beverage.

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Decorate your Christmas Tree Geeky with Controller Ornaments


Get set ready for loads of fun this Christmas with some game controllers as tree ornaments. Well yes, if you want to add that very geeky flavor to your tree decoration you might opt for these. The set of seven video game controller ornaments include Wiimote, NES controller and a PS3 controller with red, white, yellow, black, clear, red tint shades to choose from.

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Is this the world’s smallest MP3 player?


The device shown above is actually a MP3 player…and kinda makes the iPod Shuffle look big. This ridiculously small device called Micro Sport MP3 player, has a decent 4GB memory and even a rechargeable battery! “Loading music is incredibly easy. Simply plug the Micro Sport into the USB port of your computer. It mounts like a USB thumb drive, and you simply copy over any MP3 files you want to play.

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