A cellphone that cannot get any sweeter than this


Oh man! Now who can possibly resist these? Modeled into chocolate bar forms which are even a bit melted, these irresistible delicacies are NTT Docomo SH-04B clamshell phones. A product from Tokyo based accessory brand Q-Pot and Sharp these are available in brown [Melty Bitter] and pink [Melty Strawberry] colors. Not only the looks are delightful but even the phone comes with pre-installed chocolate based menus, wallpapers and photo frames.

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The Concrete Cloth that can take any shape


Here’s a special cloth that hardens itself into a solid structure (just like concrete) whenever water is added to it.Developed by the Concrete Canvas Ltd., this Concrete Cloth can be set into the required form/shape within two hours of adding water. According to the company, “a PVC backing on one surface of the cloth ensures the material is waterproof. Hydrophilic fibres on the opposite surface aid hydration by drawing water into the cement.

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Sony sells a massive 440,000 PS3s in the Thanksgiving week


Sony beats its own record for the highest 1 week sale ever for the PS3. This Thanksgiving week was a boom for the Japanese electronics giant. The company sold a massive 440,000 units for the week ending last Sunday. Most of the credit goes to the combined Black Friday PS3 deals offered by Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and even GameStop.

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Eco-friendly wooden Mouse device


We have seen a wide variety of wooden peripherals with the sole purpose of keeping the usage of plastic to its minimal level. This is one such environment friendly mouse that tries to involve as much natural products as it can in the manufacturing process. While the wood for the mouse body is obtained from trees cultivated for industrial purposes only, the glossy finish is taken care of with natural linseed oil and carnauba wax.

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A quick peek inside the Emirates A380


If we tell you that what you see above is actually the inside of a restroom in an airplane, would you believe? Apparently it is. The Emirates A380 demonstrates a whole new standard in airplane hospitality and luxury. Photographer Sergey Dolya got the chance to share some moments he had inside the flight. By the way, the Airbus A380 is also the largest passenger airliner in the world.

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Will the upcoming Apple tablet be called a TabletMac?


MacRumors reports that the “TabletMac” trademark has recently been transferred from Axiotron to Apple. Axiotron makes tablet computers by modding Macbooks with Wacom digitizers, and has been doing that for several years. They originally marketed the device using the “TabletMac” name which was eventually changed.

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Iron Man 2 poster revealed…arrives May 2010


Good news for all the hard core Iron Man fans. Paramount Pictures have just released the first ever poster for the upcoming Iron Man sequel, a.k.a. Iron Man 2. For those few who are not sure who this metallic dude is…the character is based on the popular technologically advanced super-hero from Marvel Comics. Both Robert Downey, Jr. as well as Gwyneth Paltrow appears again. Directed by Jon Favreau too. So no surprises there.

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