Marabu Side Tables make an illusion of storks in water


Nature inspires us in innumerable ways. So it isn’t at all a wonder that every now and then we come across designs which have been beautifully incorporated from our surroundings. These are a pack of side tables but with a grace that you can’t find elsewhere. These charming tables capture the scenery of a group of storks with tall slim legs walking in a pond.

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C-lamp, the tetrahedral carbon atoms illuminated

This isn’t the first time that we are having a look at a design inspired by the subject of Chemistry. Remember the Labware? Chemistry is a package of mysteries and structures and here the designer chooses one such structure to create a C-lamp. He interprets the structure of diamond which is an allotrope of carbon into a lamp, where the spheres represent carbon atoms with one atom attached to four others.

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Tempting slice of watermelon can also store information

It’s not summer yet but fruits like this are always welcome. A fine slice of this red wonder is an absolute yes for most of us but wait; looks can be quite deceiving! This very juicy slice is not what you think, it’s a wonderful replica of a water melon slice that can store within it 4GB of information. Yet again another flash drive that is awesome to look at.

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