Doormat Scale is one way to know how much your guests weigh


You can very well step on this door mat and wipe your shoes, but watch out as it is also going to reveal something very personal! Don’t think that the scale is just for show, it absolutely works. Shaped in the form of doormat this is the Doormat Scale that functions both as a doormat as well as a scale. It’s covered with coconut fiber and has a latex backing to avoid slipping.

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RIM ships a massive 10.1 million BlackBerries in a quarter


BlackBerry makers Research in Motion is doing good…actually very good. Good enough to make a mark in the company’s history. It sold more than 10 million BlackBerries from September to November. This broke the company’s previous record of 8.3 million phones sold. Quarterly revenue also jumped to close to $4 billion. This obviously puts RIM as one of the top smartphone makers in history. Afterall selling 75 million smartphones (not just cellphones) is no joke.

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iMac Speakers


Apple no doubt has a massive fan following and it results in a variety of ideas and designs influenced by their products.Starting from fruits to furniturecufflinks to cards, cakes to clips, magnets, case…the list is supposedly endless. We enjoy the designs and love to wait for the next thing to arrive presenting the Apple style. This one for example was a student assignment project which required an extension of a pre-existing product.

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World’s thinnest 42 inch LCD TV from LG marks a new era


What you see above is the world’s thinnest 42-inch LCD TV from the Korean giant LG Electronics. It has a LED backlit 120Hz display with 1080p resolution and measures a ridiculous 2.6mm in  thickness. That’s just 1/10 of an inch! Its not yet in production but will be available for display in the upcoming CES 2010. Did we tell you it weighs less than 9 pounds?

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Christmas Tree made from beer bottles


It is the Holiday Season and the season of gorgeously decorated Christmas trees, chocolates, greetings and wishes for friends and families. This festive mood is marked by ample decorations and lighting displays and of course the reveal of Santa’s gifts. Be it the stores, streets or home, every part of our world starts glowing and glittering. Now have a look at this unique Christmas tree. Doesn’t it look brilliant and impressive? Want to take a closer look?

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