The messy cord does some light balance


Oooooo its magic! Or else how does the white sphere get balanced on the cord defying gravity. Well if the exact thing is not known it might appear to anyone as some kind of a rope trick. If you like magic and want your interior decor to be creepy and mystical while making your friends go flabbergasted, then you would like to opt for this one.

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Strange furniture collection with a true utility


Among plenty of furniture designs here are some that definitely stand out not because of their beautiful designs, but what our eyes might perceive as “weird”. They might look as a collection from a magical world although they do have a true utility. Have a look at the rest of this collection to enjoy the peculiarity that thrive altogether in each of the specimen.

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Dell launches Inspiron Mini 10 powered by Moblin


Moblin’s future seems to be brighter than most people anticipated. First we got a confirmation that Moblin 2.1 may be running in mobiles of tomorrow and now Dell unveils that Inspiron Mini 10 will be running it too. Do not underestimate Moblin. Although it is not here to compete with Ubuntu, the OS by itself is a super-stable and robust Linux distro. It has been reported that Dell is initially aiming this model at developers.

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Turn your iPhone into a cool FM Radio using iTrip


Take a look at one of the first iPhone-controlled hardware. Called the iTrip, the device is actually a FM transmitter from Griffin. The best part…the device can be fully controlled from your iPhone/iPod Touch itself. The UI looks sleek and makes usability even easier. So if you are looking for a FM radio and ready to shell out $50, you may want to consider this little gadget.

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