Recycled Tube Lights make a stylish indoor decor


We have been recently seeing a variety of lamps made from recycled materials. Not only the styles look unique, but the very thought of the discarded materials being reused showcases as to how individuals are trying to make such awesome effort for the environment. Today we have burnt-out tube lights or you may say fluorescent tubes grouped together into lamp forms using steel, rubber and certain hardware.

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School in France with grassy rooftops invites nature into classrooms


The first time I came across this picture it reminded me of terrace farming that we had learnt  in Geography classes. What we see here is actually a  school in France that has been designed in this step format. It has been planned such to let the students enjoy nature along with their studies and even have an exercise routine in climbing up the stairs while changing classes.

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LG unveils the “POP”, a close relative of the existing PRADA


LG has recently unveiled the “POP”, which is actually the LG GD510 model. The device has a nice user interface and has touch screen technology similar to that of the PRADA. The beautiful 3-inch WQVGA bright and sharp display adds more points to this mobile phone. The device even has a solar panel at the back to make life easier for those batteries. The solid brushed aluminum body makes this phone even more appealing.

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Tough and Renewable Bamboo and Wooden iPhone Cases


Looking for a bamboo or wooden case for your iPhone or iPod? Here’s a range of handcrafted wood and bamboo cases from Vers with a whole lot of colors to choose from. Features include ” durable UV & moisture-resistant clear coat, steel pin reinforced corners for added strength, soft and scratch-resistant lining,quick-eject rear finger detail“.

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Awesome Paper Creations


Does it look like a wonderful painting? It surely does but this time it’s not the magical stroke of brushes creating the whirls and twirls but paper formations. Last time we had brought before you the paper castle that wasn’t just good but a marvelous creation with a touch of artistry and  a whole lot of patience. Here it is the same. Yes, this beautiful design that you see has been created  from paper.

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