The Toilet House, symbolizing the need for proper sanitation


Well, this is the Toilet looking House, a one of a kind design for a house but built to support an important cause. Made of steel, white concrete and glass, this construction highlights the need for adequate sanitation which is still not available to a significant number of people around the world. The house, named as Haewoojae which in Korean implies “a place of sanctuary where one can solve one’s worries“, is situated in Seoul, South Korea.

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Eco-friendly accessible wash basin for the kids


Designed exclusively for tots, this is the friendly monster wash basin Mons Lavado.This basin has been created keeping in mind the difficulty faced by the little ones in accessing normal wash basins which are generally way above their reach.The material of the wash basin is also earth friendly and hence also tot-friendly as it is made of Duralmond [crushed almond husks mixture] which is both biodegradable and recyclable.

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Accordion Styled Speaker for the true musicians at heart


Well…these might look like bellows but it isn’t a musical instrument, although the product relates with sounds. This is an accordion-styled speaker that is highly portable. It is a foldable amplified speaker that can run on 2AAA batteries. “The accordion-style design creates a large resonance chamber and makes the sound richer than most other small speakers.

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Reboot your day by enjoying coffee in Ctrl-Alt-Del Cups


Here we are back once again with some keys [from the keyboard] inspired objects. Apart from the magnets and cufflinks, we have already seen them as clocks, bag and seats. This time the keys are in the form of cups which when inverted, look like a huge Ctrl-Alt-Del trio, massive enough to be held in your palm. The collection is called Ctrl-Alt-Del Keyboard Soft Reboot Cup Set.

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