Penguin Mouse looks ready for Winter


It’s been some time that we came across some amusing mouse device. After all the designs we have seen so far [egg, chocolate, arcinasianstyle, heart] you can very much expect a penguin replica. So here is one that looks like an amazed penguin in a red muffler ready to do some surfing. It is called the USB Wireless Penguin Mouse and is available in four different colors.

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Nokia N900 becomes a reality, available from October 2009


Nokia N900′s rumors have been floating around for a long time now. Finally the Finnish giant made things official. Nokia N900 is to be launched in selected markets sometime in October 2009. Make no mistake…this device is a fully functional mobile phone (sans it’s size) and is officially the first Maemo 5-powered handset ever.

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Toshiba’s new LCDs defines a new era of longevity


Toshiba’s involvement in the LCD arena did not seem to be that prominent until now. The Japanese consumer electronics giant is coming up with several LCDs with LED backlight that are targeted exclusively for professional users. The average longevity of the LCDs is a massive 100,000hr (continuous usage), which is a benchmark actually very difficult to achieve. “Available in 5.7”, 8.4”, 10.4” and 12.1” (two models per size), these new LCDs have a 42.8% longevity than before…

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NoonSolar bags collect Solar energy to power up your gadgets


We all know about smart phones but how about a smart bag that not only holds all your essentials but also acts as an energy reservoir to charge your electronic gadgets. These are NoonSolar bags that are able to collect solar energy which in turn help you recharge your power drained gadgets. You just need to let the bag have some sunlight and you are all set to use the stored energy.

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New skyscraper in London that will make others in Europe look really small


London is coming up with a new skyscraper. Called The Shard, which is also called as London Bridge Tower, the building is set to be 1017 ft tall and is actually under construction. The number of floors would be 72 and is scheduled to be completed in 2012. Although the building is not very tall when compared to skyscrapers in Asia or USA, the uniqueness of The Shard lies in its architecture.

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