Synchronicity Island empowers human to be a part of river purification process


This colorful structure is called the Synchronicity island and has been constructed in Warsaw, Poland. It is actually a water treatment plant that utilizes human energy in the water purification process. The structure is fitted with exercise machines which when worked upon makes the pumping of the polluted river water into four filters, then to four tanks and then finally to a fountain basin.So all that workout looks doubly fruitful, making both you and your environment beautiful!

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Zipper Cup holds your coffee intact without leaks


We all long for some good changes in life. For example if you are bored with the same coffee cup you have to see each morning then there’s a need for a change. So here’s a uniquely designed cup with a zipper design on it which projects a fine illusion of locking up your drink with the interlocked zipper teeth. Neat and different, these Zipper Cups can be opted for or can be a great gift.

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Projector dock totally for your iPhone


The device you see above is actually a projector that can connect to your iPhone, iPod Touch or other video sources like your camcorder, DVD player and even the PSP. It features a 640×480 resolution and will provide a 60-inch viewing area. It also has stereo speakers, but also has a hefty price of $495. As per the creators Sparkz Products, it is the world’s first iPhone/ iPod Touch dock projector.

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PrintBrush, the world’s smallest portable printer


With a size so small, could this really be a printer? Claimed to be the world’s smallest printer in action, this is the PrintBrush that can print full size formats (A4 or letter size)“. This portable printer with no messy wires or cables is capable of printing on any flat surface including fabric and that too without making any sound. To be launched around early 2010, the PrintBrush will be priced at $199.00.

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