Apple’s new attempt to make iPhone jailbreak-proof


Apple is now shipping the updated version of iPhone 3GS with a new firmware that prevents hackers to jailbreak the device. This new bootrom update called iBoot-359.3.2 currently makes it impossible to jailbreak the iPhone as per DevTeam member MuscleNerd. Ofcourse there have been previous rather futile attempts made by Apple to prevent jailbreaking, so  we do not expect this to last long either.

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Portable wall-mount Fireplace may just be your next best thing


You may have heard about portable TVs, portable players and even portable furnitures, but have ever heard of portable fireplace? My guess your answer is a “No”. Called the “Cupola”, this light-weight aluminum spherical wall-mounted fireplace may quite possibly the first of its kind. Burning bio-ethanol, the Cupola is free of any vents or chimneys.

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Firefox 3.6 to feature accelerometer support


Laptop web-browsing has now taken a new turn. Firefox 3.6 will now support screen orientation detection in laptops with accelerometers. Although at this point not too many laptops come with built-in accelerometers, this definitely marks a new era of web-browsing. Ofcourse this technology will probably be more realistic for tablet computers (e.g. the upcoming Apple Tablet etc.) instead of regular laptops.

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The world’s foremost social networking website, has recently moved to new headquarters. The 700+ employees moved to a 150,000-square-foot facility at Palo Alto’s Stanford Research Park which was originally a laboratory for Agilent Technologies. Larger office space, much more comfortable sitting arrangements and well decorated interiors are just a few of the new features in this 1960s made structure.

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Japanese Pop-Up slippers



Not too many people worry about their slippers. It is just one of those things in life where functionality is everything but not so the design. But check out these Japanese Pop-Up slippers which redefines the design of slippers. Ofcourse it is 100% functional like any other slippers, but the idea behind and it’s design makes these Pop-Up slippers unique.

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