Adobe’s response to iPhone users regarding Flash


Probably one of the most noticeable features iPhone does not have is the support for Adobe Flash. This is actually crazy considering that almost all smart phones that exist support this magnificent streaming technology. Now Adobe seems to be a little upset and the company’s message to iPhone / iPod Touch users is clear and prominent. Hopefully iPhone users start protesting enough so that Apple actually approves the technology.

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Microsoft’s first retail store opens


Microsoft starts it’s first retail store at Scottsdale, Arizona. The idea, logic and intention seems very similar to Apple…I guess the only difference being the multi-colored logo. Ironically, copying Apple has always seemed to work for Microsoft. Adding to that Microsoft’s recent super-success of Windows 7 as well as Zune HD has made life hard for Apple. Anyway…for now let’s congratulate the Redmond giant whose next store is scheduled to open at Mission Viejo, California.

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Sony to create true 3D 360 degree stereoscopic display


Research on visual displays have come a long way. From over-sized CRTs to razor thin LEDs, things look really bright in this  domain. Here’s one addition to the list from Sony. The device you see above is capable of generating a true 360 degree stereoscopic display, “that essentially places a 3D figure inside a little tube and allows it to be viewed from all angles.” The resolution of the display is 96×128 pixels with 24-bit color depth.

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