Nokia unveils 18K gold-plated version of the classic 6700


The 6700 has been one of the best selling cellphones for Nokia. And now the company pays it’s respect by introducing a rather odd 18K Gold Edition of this classic phone. It features a stainless steel cover with a gold plating and a beautiful metal keypad to pair with it. The specs remain same as the original counterpart i.e. a 2.2-inch screen with 320×240 display, a 5MP camera and microSDHC support upto 8GB.

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Recycled Newspaper Shoe


Recycling has now become a must. Keeping in mind the benefits of recycling and upcycling we have come across a lot of such products [ like bags, lamps, fine jewelry, coats etc]. What we have today is a shoe made of recycled newspaper which has been plastic coated for longevity. Handcrafted by Chinese artisans these ballet flats use recycled Chinese newspapers woven into a fine lattice pattern.

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The Lego Mouse, shaped like a brick but works like a mouse


What you see is the Lego Mouse. Just like all the Lego designed stuff that we have seen like the radio, calculator and even sunglasses, this is obviously something new again. It isn’t simply a design but functional too with a left button, a right button and a scroll wheel. On the boring official desk this red USB mouse device can act as a fun stuff to work with.

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