Tetris Tie for the true gamers at office


Computer and men, that’s a great bond. Video games and men, it’s a non-detachable bond. May be that’s why we see so many  clothing for men now and then incorporating various geeky themes and symbols. So with the video games hopping onto the outfits it is pretty surprising to find that these gaming designs are not just restricted to informal wear, but can be seen on formal outfits as well.

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The Geeky Dot Com Rug


Just came across this and thought of sharing with you all. Doesn’t it look like a hard hitting super colorful geeky poster? Well, this thing is for the floor. Stocking in all the computer tidbits it is actually a brilliant geeky rug, which very rightfully have been named as Fun Shapes ‘Dot Com’ Novelty Rug.

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The world’s first full HD 3D LCD from LG


LCD screens are now seen almost everywhere and in almost every country. Most people now consider it as an old technology. Even HD on LCD is no longer new. So LG Electronics takes things to a whole new level by introducing the world’s first full HD 3D LCD. The hardware uses “Shutter Glasses” technology originally used by Sony and Panasonic. So just wear your glasses and start enjoying HD quality videos in true 3D!

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