Finally a progress bar for the traffic stoplight


Progress bar is almost synonymous with almost all modern operating systems. It helps you realize at what point of the process you are in and gives a decent estimation for how long a process will continue. Now, designer Damjan Stanković is thinking of putting the same idea on traffic stoplights. So the the next time you see the red light, you know for how long you have to keep on waiting.

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The Book Light for the true bookworms


Well the looks are pretty unusual if you are to be told that this is a lighting option. This is the book light from Studio MS that very much reminds us of the popular pop-up cards or may be the accordion. In between the two covers the bellows looking form helps in keeping the book open with a delicate touch of light peeking out through them.

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Recycled HangSavvy Hangers may be a part of our future


If you are into recycled products you might like to have a look at this pack of hangers. Barring from the usual use of plastic or metal, this sturdy hanger has been constructed from recycled paper and is supposed to have the longevity as the normal ones. The HangSavvy Eco-friendly Recycled Waste Paper Hangers which have been designed by James Chu is able to hold a load of around 10kgs.

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Sanyo unveils solar cell that is thinner than human hair


Sanyo’s continued effort to make green power is gradually becoming more and more successful. The company wants to become no. 1 in Japan by 2012 in solar power systems technology. It has recently developed a solar cell that is actually thinner than a human hair! “Their new prototype solar cell is just 58 micrometers thick, about one-fourth of most solar cells currently out there.

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