World’s largest Wind farm, the Horns Rev 2


With the varied complications in climatic changes and for a better environment, there have always been an eager approach towards the use of  renewable sources of energy. One such energy is the wind energy and what we see here is the world’s largest wind farm, capable of generating 209 megawatts of power which approximately is the annual electricity consumption of 200,000 homes.

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Business cards in Cassette Tape format


Do you miss yesteryear’s cassette tapes? Feel nostalgic as soon as you see them in pictures? With new and improved technologies we sure have bade them goodbye, but there are still ways to make those golden tapes a part of your lives.  You could choose from the cassette tape dispenser, bag, USB hub or even lamps, but these cassette tape shaped business cards are simply smart and creative.

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World’s first commercial iPhone keyboard


iPhone is probably one of the coolest products in this decade with millions of fans worldwide. With a robust OS, solid hardware and an ultra-cool user interface this mobile revolutionized the concept of a phone. But one important thing which was missing in the iPhone was a keyboard which most business users need. Welcome the iTwinge, officially the world’s first commercially available keyboard exclusively for the iPhone. So I guess no more typos?

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