Elon Musk says, within 2 to 3 years a Tesla can travel cross-country without any driver


In a recent phone call, Elon Musk said that a Tesla would be able to automatically drive from LA to NYC, if the owner “summons” the car to do so. All is needed is a smartphone. There is however, a wait time of 24 to 36 months before this technology can be made practical.

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Tesla Model S and Model X can now self-drive without anyone inside


Arguably the world’s most advanced automobile, Tesla Model S, now features a new “Summon” technology that literally allows the vehicle to drive by itself without anyone inside. Proud owners can direct the car to park in or out of their garages within 39 feet, using just their key fobs.

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Cleaning Line with clever design twists might just win your heart

Cleaning Line Broom 1

Cleaning Line is a collection of cleaning tools that takes you by surprise with its utilitarian design tweaks. The picture below was the first that caught our attention and almost instantly we were fascinated by it! Called the Broom Groomer Pro, it not only functions smartly but can be stored using up minimum space.

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Photographer captures beautiful installation made with marigolds and a paint tube


While working with colors, in one form or the other, we generally dread the accidental spilling episodes. However this overflowing orange oil color would make you smile, as you enjoy the creative take, made using a paint tube and a cluster of brilliant marigolds.

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