Cu.braker is a Rubik’s Cube lookalike phone charger that twists to shut down the electric power when done


Meet Cu.braker, a Rubik’s Cube lookalike phone charger that can also twist like the popular toy! When the phone is plugged in, it acts as an indicator to show the status of the charging process, while also stopping the process automatically by twisting itself when the phone is completely charged.

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Apple Watch starts from $349 and ends at $17000!

apple watch

Apple officially rolled out its watch today. The Watch starts at $349 for the base model, and ends at a whooping $17000 a piece for the 18k Gold model. There are primarily two sizes, 38mm and the larger 42mm. The base series is called just “Apple Watch“, the sport edition is called “Apple Watch Sport“, while the elite one is called “Apple Watch Edition” (that ranges from $10,000 to $17,000!).

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Sponsored Video: Watch why Toyota i-Road makes city navigation totally effortless!

Life in a city is a busy one. There’s always a need for keeping up with the pace be it personal life or work. But with impending issues like increase in traffic, congestion and pollution, it not hard to predict what’s in store for the future of city life. i-Road, the innovative EV [electronic vehicle] from Toyota has been designed to provide solutions for these issues so that city life can look forward to a better and cleaner future.

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Microsoft and Google are collaborating to build Angular 2


Google’s AngularJS JavaScript framework has been a major success in recent times. It has received tremendous support across the web development community. And recently, at the ng-conf in Salt Lake City, it was announced that Google will be working with Microsoft’s TypeScript team to build Angular 2 and “converge” the TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript developed by Microsoft) and AtScript languages.

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ColorUp Lamp can change its color to the likeness of any object

colorup table lamp 1

You have heard about chameleons changing color to blend with the surroundings? But how about lamps doing something similar? Sounds interesting? Then take note of this ColorUp lamp which magically replicates the color of any object or surface you want.

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