Soft Serve Sundae Time is the New Coffee Break

icecream depot sx1000 _1

Whether at work or at home, many of us need a coffee break or two just to get through the daily grind. But don’t you wish that you could occasionally have something a little different during your break time? Coffee is extremely popular, but if you could have your daily sugar fix or “pick me up” in a different package, why wouldn’t you?

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Rocket Coffee Table brings in a cheerful mood with its toy like appearance


What’s a Rocket Coffee Table supposed to look like? Don’t need to guess anymore for here’s one to amaze all, with its very adorable looks! Propped on five rocket shaped pieces, including cute cloud forms, meet the wonderful Rocket Coffee Table, just perfect to pep up any space.

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Microsoft may be making All-in-one desktops similar to iMac


Microsoft is rumored to be making All-in-one PCs (AIO) soon. According to recent industry sources, it seems the company is working with supply chain operators to develop AIO PCs, possibly as a part of its successful “Surface” line. Although Microsoft has not confirmed this, it seems the estimated launch time will be third quarter of 2016 or later.

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Microsoft is giving away free XBox One to students, with the purchase of Surface Pro 4


If you are a student and in the market for a new laptop, here’s your chance to bag a free XBox One! Yep, as surprising as it sounds, the Redmond-giant is currently running a promotion that will allow students to get a free XBox One ($299 value without tax), with the purchase of a new Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book.

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