‘In Orbit’ explores the perspective of living in a gigantic hamster wheel


The installation resembling a huge hamster wheel was created as an experimental artwork by two artists named Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder. Titled ‘In Orbit’, the 25 feet wide wheel was made home by the artists for a period of 10 days [ 28th Feb to 9th March].

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Elephant at West Midlands Safari Park takes a selfie


The story goes that when tourist Scott Brierley was taking selfies at a drive through elephant enclosure he accidentally dropped his phone. He never went to retrieve the phone so it lay there for some time. The phone caught the attention of Latabe, a 22 year elephant, who upon getting the chance managed to click a picture of itself !

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Weighing handle provides a neat solution for determining the weight of your luggage


Think about the idea of having a built-in weighing machine inside the handle of your suitcase? Interesting right? Well, Weighing Handle revolves around this very thought so that people can easily take a note of the weights then and there, as they pick up their individual baggage using their handles.

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