Say hello to the world’s longest cat!

Stewie, the Maine Coon residing with Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness of Reno, Nevada measures 48.5 inches. A little over 4 feet measuring from nose to tail, Stewie was awarded the title of the longest cat in the world. Five years old Stewie thus becomes the new Guinness World Record holder surpassing yet another Maine Coon.


Cats to Twit with Twitkitteh – Social Networking exclusively for our feline friends


Do you think this paw (as the structure suggests) some sort of game, with buttons to press? If you still haven’t come across this let me introduce you to the iPhone and iPod touch application especially made for cats. Its called the Twitkitteh, a Twitter application written only and only for cats, released by TLA Systems. This will help the cats to get involved into social networking phenomenon and post their views.

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