ColorUp Lamp can change its color to the likeness of any object

colorup table lamp 1

You have heard about chameleons changing color to blend with the surroundings? But how about lamps doing something similar? Sounds interesting? Then take note of this ColorUp lamp which magically replicates the color of any object or surface you want.

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Colorful Pianos…a vibrant twist to our general perception

Did you know pianos could be colorful too? As portrayed in these pictures, you can definitely find some with different hues in all shapes and patterns, to surprise you. Sky is the limit…as you can see. Music and art seems to collaborate to create the ultimate frenzy with these gorgeous instruments.

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Pixel Colored Pencils


Do you think there’s some kind of picture hidden among the colors? Trying to locate one? If you like colors [or enjoy using colors to create pictures] you might as well like and enjoy the concept. This array of multiple colors that look like a collection of pixels are nothing but colored pencils with the pixelated look. As opposed to the regular ones each pencil lengthwise displays altogether a different color scheme.

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Air Chess takes a whole new symbolic approach to the game


This is yet another new Chess board design [Steve Vigar, Vacuum Tube] to wonder at. More than a chess board it looks like a piece of art, delicate and beautiful. Each piece has a hole within, the shape of which determines the “key-element of each figure“. This Chess set is called the Air Chess in which the lightness of the whole entity is vividly expressed.

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The Master Grand Tourbillon Continents


Watches are worn not only as a device to keep up with the time but also as a necessary accessory that blends into or enhances one’s persona. Whatever be the case people generally enjoy the different designs even such a small thing has to offer. So here is  one from Jaeger-LeCoultre, the series called the Master Grand Tourbillon Continents, that showcases continents with different hues.

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