Stone Cold Ice Tray

With the approach of summer we are eagerly waiting to taste our favorite iced beverages under the brilliance of the sun. Normal ice cubes could chill well but if you want the drinks to be “super” cool, you could opt for these special ice pieces shaped in the form of Moai figures of Easter Island (Chile) as an alternative.

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Stewie Ice Cube Tray


Want to make your drink more interesting? Either introduce strange glasses [like floating glasses] or add odd looking ice-cubes to rock the party. For different people there are different options of ice cubes available like the Tetris or the Pi or the jewel, but for Family Guys there’s now Stewie Griffin shaped ice forms for that extra cool feel to the drink.

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Coca-Cola comes up with 120 Flavor Jet Fountain


Got bored with the limited choices at your nearby fountain dispenser? Always want a little bit of all tastes in your favorite cola drink? Well if you are one of many who would say ‘yes’, then this “fountain of the future” as marketed by Coca Cola might be your answer. The company spent almost four years “developing a self-serve beverage dispenser that can pour as many as 120 drinks“. They call it the “Jet”.

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