Coca-Cola comes up with 120 Flavor Jet Fountain


Got bored with the limited choices at your nearby fountain dispenser? Always want a little bit of all tastes in your favorite cola drink? Well if you are one of many who would say ‘yes’, then this “fountain of the future” as marketed by Coca Cola might be your answer. The company spent almost four years “developing a self-serve beverage dispenser that can pour as many as 120 drinks“. They call it the “Jet”.

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Icy Jewels for the Pricey Drink

jewel ice cube tray 1

As Summer approaches, beating the heat definitely becomes essential. Who wouldn’t like to settle down with a favorite drink all iced up, for that ultimate refreshing feeling. With a variety of drinks to choose from, nowadays we have our choice of ice cubes too. In the correct sense they can’t be called ice cubes as they are simply not cube shaped but the term is generally used, even with geeky forms like the Pi-form or Tetris-form!

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Natural Rocks as substitute for Ice-cubes


The picture you see above is not of some ice-cubes designed like rocks…rather, they ARE rocks for real! Originated from the Scandinavian country of Sweden, these Nordic stones are absolutely pollution-free and is by far the “the purest way of cooling your drink – literally ‘on the rocks’“. These stones not melt like usual ice and therefore can be re-used easily making them very eco-friendly.

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