The Yoyo Lamp


If you have played with a yo-yo, you will definitely be able to appreciate this Yoyo Floor Lamp. Similar to the toy, it has a spool shaped body with an extension cable wrapped around the middle. The translucent body serves as the lamp and can be rolled too, to adjust the cable length for positioning it in different locations, far or near.

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Careful: Dunk light just resembles a basketball hoop!


Wouldn’t you be eager to throw in a ball through it? Anyone would! But wait, it’s a wall lamp that has been made to look like a basket ball hoop. Dunk Light was created on this very conflicting notion of the user’s temptation to make use of the basket but resisting it instantly, understanding the extreme fragility of the ring shaped bulb.

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Buzzishade is as much a lamp as a space for private conversation


Talk about privacy these days and you are bound to have mixed reactions. However some people thought of attending to the situation in real life though, by providing a safe haven so that you could carry on with your confidential conversation in a public area.

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