Braigo, invented by a 12 year old, is an affordable Braille Printer made with Lego

braigo lego braille printer 1

While building with Lego is fun, discovering new projects is exciting all the time. What we have here is a story of a young boy named Shubham Banerjee, who with his thoughtfulness and passion of building with Lego, has designed Braigo, a Lego Braille Printer that rivals the ones currently sold, with its cost effectiveness.

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Lego Holiday Ornaments…build it yourself with helpful guides


Be it the ‘Legotastic’ Question Block or the Gingerbread House, these ornaments are here to put a sparkle on your trees. Although the ornaments were available as [now sold out] build-it-yourself kits, the awesome part is that you can still build them as a fun Holiday project. How? Read on.

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