Will ‘Stop The Water While Using Me!’ make any difference?

Why do you think a company should go so bold and clear about using the message ‘Stop The Water While Using Me!‘ on a toothpaste tube? It definitely is a reminder of our careless wastage habits, when we can make a difference by a simple act, which is turning off the water when it’s not in use.

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Chocolate boxes could entirely disappear into the environment just as chocolate does in your mouth!


Disposal of chocolate boxes couldn’t have been easier and more environmental-friendly! Marks and Spencer had been working on a material called ‘plantic’ with which they wanted to make chocolate trays. Plantic, which is made of starch and 100% compostable is now being used for their complete collection of ‘Swiss Chocolate Assortment’ paving the way to a new era of responsible food packaging.

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Concept Packaging for I Love Honey

When summer arrives, no way you can miss the smell of the fresh vibrant flowers and of course the buzzing of the busy bees. It is for the very tedious work of the bees that we are able to enjoy honey. Over here designer Tatiana Matsoulevitch, creatively makes a packaging in the likes of a honeycomb structure for a bottle of honey, that beautifully creates an illusion of the honey being within the compartments itself.

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