Cu.braker is a Rubik’s Cube lookalike phone charger that twists to shut down the electric power when done


Meet Cu.braker, a Rubik’s Cube lookalike phone charger that can also twist like the popular toy! When the phone is plugged in, it acts as an indicator to show the status of the charging process, while also stopping the process automatically by twisting itself when the phone is completely charged.

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RPR Float Table resembles a Rubik’s cube in which individual cubes levitate


RPR Float Table is a special kind of table that is both a utilitarian and a sculptural piece. Although it may look like a Rubik’s cube replica in structure, it is devoid of the striking colors of the popular puzzle.

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The Rubik’s cube lookalike Cubby House


Most probably you know about Rubik’s cube and the challenges it presents before us almost any time you pick up the jumbled puzzle. Many a times you might have also thought of taking a look inside the system by which it operates. In spite of the frustrations it provides, it’s an exciting toy to own and has been a loving one for decades. May be that’s why this Cubby House!

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