Estilo GT Bluetooth Mouse for the sports car fans


Computer mouse is an integral part of today’s computing. Personally I cannot imagine working even on my laptop without a mouse, even though my touchpad does its job quit well. But conventional mouse may be boring to look at, and that’s way there are designer mouse devices to make us feel better. One such example is the Estilo GT Bluetooth Mouse targetted especially for the sports car fans.

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Portable Folding USB Hub with Light


We have seen several USB hubs in the past with different designs. But the one you see above is not just a USB hub, it also works as a portable light to assist you if you are working in the dark. The form factor of the device makes it very portable as there are no protruding parts and the USB light can easily be folded back when not in use.

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USB 10-LED Light – Finally a laptop light which is truly useful


You may have come across several USB lights for laptops, but most of them have less illumination/brightness and can be hardly used in real life. But if you are seriously looking for something similar, you may want to check this out. This USB light has 10 LEDs which all work together to give you the perfect ambiance while you are working with your laptop.

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Pioneer launches ridiculously thin USB DVD burner


Ultra portables and UMPCs have been a decent success. Although they provide enough power to run almost all regular apps they usually fail short of providing the complete package, especially when it comes to the optical disk drives. External CD-DVD burners/drives are just too large to comply with the word “portability”. But things might just change…check out the super-portable external DVD burner from Pioneer.

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