Plastic bottles turn into awesome displays using 3D printed vases


It’s nice to recycle plastic bottles whenever you can. But at other times, if you feel like, you could upcycle them into fine indoor decors. How? Well, you could do it by attaching the bottles with these beautiful 3D printed vases and… voila, you get to have fascinating pieces of art right in front of you.

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Soundplotter uses sound to determine the shape of 3D printed vases


What if you could translate a message that you had said or a sound piece that you had created into a one-of-a-kind vase? Quite a thought, right? Well, Soundplotter revolves around this very idea of creating personalized 3D printed vases, in which the shape of the vase is guided by the parameters of sound.

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Visual Trick and Treat!


Animations provide such visual treats that most of the time they surpass our imagination and somehow we still feel connected to them. The emotional quotient attached to the different characters sometimes is just too convincing. Hats off to the intelligence that helps in connecting the real with the imaginary world. Now you must admit that you had no problem in imagining the submerged portion of this whale!

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