Apple Watch starts from $349 and ends at $17000!

apple watch

Apple officially rolled out its watch today. The Watch starts at $349 for the base model, and ends at a whooping $17000 a piece for the 18k Gold model. There are primarily two sizes, 38mm and the larger 42mm. The base series is called just “Apple Watch“, the sport edition is called “Apple Watch Sport“, while the elite one is called “Apple Watch Edition” (that ranges from $10,000 to $17,000!).

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Samsung tops Apple in terms of popularity among American consumers

samsung apple popularity

According to a Harris Poll report, Samsung has surpassed Apple in terms of brand popularity among U.S. based consumers. While this may come as a surprise for quite a few Apple fans, there is no doubt that Samsung’s popularity jumped in the last 4 years, especially after it opened up numerous mini stores inside BestBuy, and probably from the success it had from its SmartTV line up.

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This is the new Mac Pro, inside out


The folks at OWC recently performed a Mac Pro (2013) tear-down, and shared some images of the inside of one of the most powerful desktop computers on the planet. The tear-down revealed what appears to be socketed CPUs, which means you can do a DIY upgrade of the Mac Pro processor, to speed it up even more.

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The amazing iPad Air

ipad air

The iPad has been around for at least 3 years, and every time Apple launched the new generation of iPads, it never stopped “wowing” everyone. This time the company has raised the bar even higher. At just 1lb in weight, the new iPad Air has a much thinner bezel, 2x times faster WiFi speed and a massively fast 64-bit A7 processor.

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