Lucid Stead treats you to a magical optical display


Lucid Stead is a beautiful picturesque story, involving an abandoned 70 year old structure, located in Joshua Tree, California. For the project it went through a spectacular transformation using mirrors and LEDs, to let observers enjoy a peaceful journey of optical experiences, engaging both natural and artificial lights.

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The Texas shaped House!


The map of the USA has been an inspiration to many ideas. There was a Jell-O map, a bookshelf and even skillets to make all state shaped delicacies. But how about an entire house that happens to resemble a state of the USA? Believe it or not, a Texas shaped house exists! For those who want to compare here’s a map for your convenience.

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The magnificent High Trestle Bridge in Iowa


What do you see here? A tunnel like passage? Well… it’s a bridge but with a visual surprise in store for visitors. When viewed from an angle away from the passage, the bridge can be seen to be installed with some independent rectangular structures at intervals. However the moment anyone passes through the bridge, every structure comes together to offer an amazing spectacle like you see above.

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Mosaic park and Ceramic museum in China showcases a fusion of artistic sensibilities


The gorgeous Ceramic Museum located in the Mosaic Park has been designed to reflect the amalgamation of cultures, with the intent to provide a thought provoking scenario as well as an eye-catching spectacle in which east meets west.

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The Rubik’s cube lookalike Cubby House


Most probably you know about Rubik’s cube and the challenges it presents before us almost any time you pick up the jumbled puzzle. Many a times you might have also thought of taking a look inside the system by which it operates. In spite of the frustrations it provides, it’s an exciting toy to own and has been a loving one for decades. May be that’s why this Cubby House!

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