Avengers 3D Origami project is way too cute, neat and awesome

3d origami avengers 1

Check out this wonderful project of Avengers in 3D origami! Each complicated model resembling an avenger super hero, has been created diligently by interlinking folded papers with one another.

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Rubik’s Cube Cake preparation requires calculative moves just like the puzzle

rubiks cube cake 1

While Rubik’s Cube is fascinating in itself, the toy inspired objects are no less either. There have been bags, mugs, tissue box cover, tables and many more, paying homage to the popular puzzle. Today we are excited to bring you the Rubik’s Cube Cake… which when sliced, reveals the iconic pattern!

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Captain America’s Shield turns into Wall Smashing Night Light

captain america shield wall light 1

Oops! Looks like someone had his wall shattered by Captain America’s shield! Would you like to have the same done to your room as well? Then you need to look at the awesome set of 3D Deco Superhero Wall Lights!

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