House Shelves are miniature home looking wall shelves made of recycled things

judson beaumont house shelves _1

Miniature version of any object has an appeal of its own. Take for example doll houses. Aren’t they magical to look at? House Shelves,  as we see here, bring along a similar cheer, with its wonderful craftsmanship and smaller proportions.

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Discarded Film Rolls get transformed into creative fancy Bags


Making use of waste materials to develop something new, requires a balance of both creativity and willingness. So here we are with Messie Design, which with its idea of giving a second life to disposed rolls of 35mm films, has brought us this unique collection of messenger and clutch bags!

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Plastic bottles turn into awesome displays using 3D printed vases


It’s nice to recycle plastic bottles whenever you can. But at other times, if you feel like, you could upcycle them into fine indoor decors. How? Well, you could do it by attaching the bottles with these beautiful 3D printed vases and… voila, you get to have fascinating pieces of art right in front of you.

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