Elon Musk says, within 2 to 3 years a Tesla can travel cross-country without any driver


In a recent phone call, Elon Musk said that a Tesla would be able to automatically drive from LA to NYC, if the owner “summons” the car to do so. All is needed is a smartphone. There is however, a wait time of 24 to 36 months before this technology can be made practical.

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Tesla Model S and Model X can now self-drive without anyone inside


Arguably the world’s most advanced automobile, Tesla Model S, now features a new “Summon” technology that literally allows the vehicle to drive by itself without anyone inside. Proud owners can direct the car to park in or out of their garages within 39 feet, using just their key fobs.

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Sponsored Video: Watch why Toyota i-Road makes city navigation totally effortless!

Life in a city is a busy one. There’s always a need for keeping up with the pace be it personal life or work. But with impending issues like increase in traffic, congestion and pollution, it not hard to predict what’s in store for the future of city life. i-Road, the innovative EV [electronic vehicle] from Toyota has been designed to provide solutions for these issues so that city life can look forward to a better and cleaner future.

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The Zipper Boat !


You might not believe your eyes but hey, you are actually looking at a zipper shaped boat! This boat resembling a humongous zipper was unveiled at the Setouchi International Art Festival in 2010, for viewers to enjoy a unique perspective of the Zipper Motorboat cruising the waters.

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