Photographer captures beautiful installation made with marigolds and a paint tube


While working with colors, in one form or the other, we generally dread the accidental spilling episodes. However this overflowing orange oil color would make you smile, as you enjoy the creative take, made using a paint tube and a cluster of brilliant marigolds.

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This Milk Carton lookalike Birdhouse is made of recycled materials


The striking resemblance of the bird house to a milk carton is not by chance. The shelter made of repurposed elements which includes discarded ply pieces and steel gathered from non functional home appliances, was indeed inspired by the structure of a milk carton and thus the shape.

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Jellyfish lookalike hanging garden is absolutely enticing


How would you like to have a jellyfish lookalike display for the interiors? Well, it doesn’t involve an aquarium but alternatively presents an enchanting in-the-air show! So meet the Jellyfish Air Plant collection that appear as if a bloom of jellyfish was dancing right before you.

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