Engineer builds $10 microscope using a simple cellphone


Cellphones are now super-important in almost everybody’s life. But if you think these fine devices can only be used to make phone calls then think again. What you see above is a cellphone turned into a full-fledged microscope by Aydogan Ozcan who is an assistant professor at the California NanoSystems Institute in University of California, Los Angeles. He wrote his own software and spent $10 something to make this happen!

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Stand and sleep with the help of Vertical Bed and show thyself as the world’s greatest geek


People are busy and so busy that even there’s no time for an 8 hours basic sleep. If you are in that situation and immensely need  some sleep, then this set of tools just might be right for you to catch on some rest…not only for you eyes but for the entire “you”. In simple terms it’s a vertical bed that lets you stand and fall asleep.

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Microsoft Research unveils touch-free transparent glass display


Microsoft Research recently unveiled a transparent glass display that can be controlled by using voice, pen, touch-free gestures and even eye tracking. Chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie has been busy demonstrating this piece of technology mostly in U.S. colleges/universities. From the demo it very well seems to be the future of  next generation of computers.

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