easeus data recovery software

Loss of data for anyone is very traumatic. Traumatic might sound like a massive word to use, but in reality, it is not less than a nightmare for many. Therefore, people have started to rely on external storage as well. But in many situations, being able to recover the lost data is the need of time. The lost data may be your most favorite playlist to your to-watch downloaded movies and maybe even a super important contract!

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3 Ways to Use Technology to Get Kids Interested in Reading

Some kids take to reading like a fish to water, but for some it may often feel as though they’re interested in anything and everything – except sitting down with a book. As a parent you probably don’t need to be told just how invaluable a habit reading can be, which is why you would like to instill that interest in your kids.

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Quick Restore of Deleted Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

What to expect from EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Windows 10 version…


It is highly likely that the reason you are reading this is because you lost some precious pictures. Or happened to drop by here was because you were searching how to restore your precious documents that got deleted by mistake.

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Explore Video Calling Alternatives for Kids

movavi screen capture

Growing up in today’s technology-filled age, kids often use technology just as often as adults to connect to others. In particular video calling has proven to be something that children love to engage in – especially with their grandparents, favorite aunts and uncles, or even with some of their friends.

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Mysterious printing syndrome spreading worldwide

happy2print software

Scientists from the Exploring Centre of Unexplored Phenomena proved yesterday that beyond any reasonable doubt we are facing a threat of a new civilization disease’ pandemic. The governments of the greatest powers in cooperation with the Organization for Healthy World plan to convene a special congress. Meanwhile, doctors ask to keep calm. There is still hope!

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Reasons to Avoid Few Partitions and How to Plan Multiple Partition Size


A mid range laptop or PC with spinning magnetic hard drive to store data has a size anywhere between 250GB 750GB. If you are the kind of user that likes to shove every type of data including videos, music, vital documents and personal photos within 2 to 3 partitions then it is an impractical habit.

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Meet Ulo, the cute home monitoring Owl


This little owl is called Ulo. It has been designed to be a proactive entity, primarily monitoring activities in your home when required. What makes it so endearing is its ability to communicate using different eye expressions, as if it were a real bird. Watch the video and you will see how it is able to bond with the user instantly!

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Microsoft drops support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10


If you are not using Microsoft Edge or upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 already (in case you are not using Windows 10), you will need to do so ASAP. Effective January 12, 2016, the Redmond giant has officially dropped support for all previous versions of IE (8, 9 and 10). While IE isn’t exactly a popular browser anymore, Microsoft continued supporting it in order to “safeguard users”.

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