Firefox 4 beta 5 released, now features HTML 5 audio and more

We are not sure whether you are keeping track of all the releases made by Mozilla regarding Firefox 4. The latest beta was launched recently on September 7th. Beta 5 now comes with even more features. Now hardware acceleration is switched “on” by default while there is also the addition of HTML 5 Audio Data API. Another important feature that has been added called the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), allows any website to enforce SSL-encrypted connections.

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The world’s most popular social bookmarking website,, has now a completely revamped outlook.The website now includes quite a few new features. An important addition is a personalized news stream, called “My News”. This shows all the news feeds from your friends and the people you are following, something similar to Twitter.

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Firefox 4 Beta 3 now supports multi-touch

The newest beta of the latest Firefox edition, a.k.a version 4, not only features hundreds of bug fixes, but also something a lot of fans were waiting eagerly…the ‘multi-touch’ functionality. In addition to that it also has a JavaScript update that allows faster execution of graphics and animations. A few videos are attached to give you a better understanding about the multi-touch feature.

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Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Windows is now available for download

Firefox, a browser that literally saved the web from a monopoly disaster, is now available in its fourth avatar. Although in Beta 1, version 4.0 is reported to be quite stable. Among its new features the most important is probably the new sleeker look, somewhat similar to Google’s Chrome, only better. It also features a new Add-On Manager, support for WebM format (to let you watch open HD quality video), and a better privacy control.

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