This Felt Storage Bin can be folded away when not in use


Given today’s hectic life style, it’s not always easy to keep things organized at home. So for those days, when stuff needs to be gathered together quickly, the Felt Storage Bin comes in handy. An obvious mess gets a pretty makeover as you store all the stuff in the Felt Storage Bin.

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Game boards get recycled into colorful Handbags

recycled board game handbags 1

Board games are typically associated with wonderful memories of childhood days. Had it been a family get-together or a challenge between friends, the excitement and fun is still cherished today. To keep the vibrant spirit going, iconic game boards are being given new life in the form of bags.

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Weathered Truck Tarps get converted into ‘fake snake’ bags


Take a look at this awesome snakeskin lookalike bag. Would you believe it to be made using upcycled truck tarps? Well, it’s hard to believe but back in 2011, many such bags were put together as an effort to award a second life to truck tarpaulin, that had stories to tell reflective of their individual journeys.

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