Ohhio Braid is a flexible material to weave chunky creations for your home

ohhio braid 1

If you are interested in DIY projects, then you might like to try your hands at this. What we have here is a crafts material called Ohhio Braid, which lets you weave different flexible forms like throws, mats, baskets etc. to be placed around your home. And even cozy beds for pets, just as can be seen in the images.

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The Sandwich Bed

Dreaming about food isn’t bad at all, but what if you dream about sleeping on a sandwich laden with huge slices of tomato, cheese and lettuce? Doesn’t seem far-fetched, for there’s a bed [at least we have got a photograph of one] that could replicate the feeling of sleeping on a sandwich. There’s also a ketchup and mustard bottle by its side to spice up your dream sandwich.

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