Angry Lamp switches itself off when it’s service is not required!


You all know about Angry Birds but what about the Angry Lamp? Well, it’s a special lamp which can be easily switched on. However if Angry Lamp ‘feels’ it is no longer required, then mind you, it can pull the string with its curled limb and go dark instantly, just like that! That’s some temper for a lamp!

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Soundplotter uses sound to determine the shape of 3D printed vases


What if you could translate a message that you had said or a sound piece that you had created into a one-of-a-kind vase? Quite a thought, right? Well, Soundplotter revolves around this very idea of creating personalized 3D printed vases, in which the shape of the vase is guided by the parameters of sound.

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World’s largest Airship hanger gets converted to a colossal water park

What you see above was the world’s largest airship hanger, located 40 miles south of Berlin, Germany. It was also the world’s largest free-standing building. Now, the same building has been put to a better use. Check out the new Tropical Islands Resort, a colossal water park with an integrated rain forest!

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