Android-based Smartphone’s market share jumps from 9% to 22.7% in just a year

Last year same time, Apple’s share was 28%, RIM’s was 35% and Android-based smartphone share was just 9%. One year later, its a completely different ball game. Android’s share jumped to 22.7%, Apple’s remained unchanged (well, almost) at 27.9%, while RIM’s dropped to 27.4%. Windows Mobile, Symbian and other buddies covered the remaining chunk at just 22%.

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RIM plans to compete with the iPad with PlayBook

Today RIM introduced the company’s first tablet computer called the PlayBook. The device is powered by a 1GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor and will  feature 1GB RAM and a beautiful 7-inch display. Even better, it will also feature a 1080p HDMI video output, HDMI, USB ports and both front & back cameras. RIM also promises that the device will pair with your BlackBerry and make document sharing & editing a breeze.

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RIM ships a massive 10.1 million BlackBerries in a quarter


BlackBerry makers Research in Motion is doing good…actually very good. Good enough to make a mark in the company’s history. It sold more than 10 million BlackBerries from September to November. This broke the company’s previous record of 8.3 million phones sold. Quarterly revenue also jumped to close to $4 billion. This obviously puts RIM as one of the top smartphone makers in history. Afterall selling 75 million smartphones (not just cellphones) is no joke.

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