Companion Stools look like a duo of curious alien specimens on earth


Did you just have the thought that these inanimate objects were in conversation, as if, they were extraterrestrials beings having a query about earth? With a striking structure consisting of a head, eye, body and limbs… it sure does appear so!

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Washing Machine gets recycled into 3 awesome Chairs!


This DIY project is titled ‘I used to be a washing machine‘ and shows you the process of disassembling and converting a non-functional washing machine into three wonderful furniture pieces; namely the Buddy Armchair, Dorry Chair and Dramms Stool!

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Waterfall Chair is made of waste plywood strips


This beautiful Waterfall Chair and Armchair collection, as you can see, makes an interesting use of plywood strips. While you may wonder why, there’s actually a thought behind the project. The idea was to bring forward the prevalence of extreme consumerism in society resulting in huge amount of wastes and thereby look for sustainable solutions.

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