Kreafunk aGlow is a speaker, light and power source all in one !

kreafunk aglow speaker 1

How many times have you found yourself caught short when you need a power source? It’s happened to us all. If you’re short on plugs, particularly when you’re traveling, the Kreafunk “aGlow” device could be a good solution. It claims to be a speaker, power bank, and light all in one. So you get the convenience of a power bank, combined with a Bluetooth speaker as well as a lamp.

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NoonSolar bags collect Solar energy to power up your gadgets


We all know about smart phones but how about a smart bag that not only holds all your essentials but also acts as an energy reservoir to charge your electronic gadgets. These are NoonSolar bags that are able to collect solar energy which in turn help you recharge your power drained gadgets. You just need to let the bag have some sunlight and you are all set to use the stored energy.

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4-in-1 Travel Adapter


Gadgets are aplenty and diverse, but to keep them active they need to be energized. Although it doesn’t seem much of a task to charge them up but for people who need to visit different countries for job purposes or holidays, it results in an awkward situation with the mismatching of wall sockets and plugs. Here is where this smart compact white thing (above) comes into action.

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