CafeCat is a kitty looking marshmallow that can float in your drink

cafecat marshmallows 1

Does the above image remind you of the popular latte art creations? Ones that are crafted with steady hands by talented individuals just before serving? Well, popping out of this drink is a cat that could be mistaken for something similar. It’s called the CafeCat and is a marshmallow!

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Chocolate-paint brings the delight of imagining Chocolates as Paint Tubes!


Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and chocolates are undoubtedly a part of the celebration. So to have the sweet and romantic feeling going, we thought of sharing with you this awesome Chocolate-paint idea, that has a box of syrup filled chocolates look like paint tubes.

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Printable Minion themed Candy Wrappers


The Minions from the movie Despicable Me, with their antics, have captured the hearts of both young and old. The mere mention of the name are enough to get anyone giggling. So we thought of bringing you this — Minion themed candy wrappers, that you can download, print and enjoy using. The best part is they are free!

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