Browsers get eyebrow raising makeover as glamorous Women


Browsers and women… now what could be the connection between the two? You might brainstorm for a while before settling down to establish one. Or else you could take a look through the eyes of the person who came about the very thought of personifying today’s popular browsers.

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Google may open retail stores before end of 2013


Search giant Google may open retail stores before the end of this year, says 9to5Google. The website confirms that this is coming from a “very reliable source“. Google’s biggest competitors, Apple and Microsoft, both have retail stores in the US, with Apple having a significant presence across several countries across the planet.

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Google challenges you to hack Chrome

Google has a new challenge for you. The company will award $20,000 to anyone who can hack the Chrome web browser. In the previous challenges, Internet Explorer as well as the iPhone was hacked as a part of the contest. It is not sure what exactly the hackers will have to do with Chrome to successful qualify as “hacked” though.

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Firefox surpasses IE in Europe

Firefox finally surpassed Internet Explorer in browser market share, in Europe. According to the data from StatCounter, Firefox currently holds a 38.11% of the European browser market, while IE holds 37.52%. Surprisingly, Firefox didn’t do much to achieve this. It is Google’s Chrome, that spiked up its market share from 5.06% to 14.58% in just a year. Basically, Chrome took most of the share previously hold by IE.

Google launches Body Browser, the Google Earth of human body

The new Google Body Browser lets you fully explore the human body. The application is basically a detailed 3D model of the human body that shows various organs, muscles and bones. You can zoom in, zoom out, move around and explore the human body like never before. The application requires WebGL which is a 3D graphics API, and may not work properly in all the standard browsers yet.

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