The Master Grand Tourbillon Continents


Watches are worn not only as a device to keep up with the time but also as a necessary accessory that blends into or enhances one’s persona. Whatever be the case people generally enjoy the different designs even such a small thing has to offer. So here is  one from Jaeger-LeCoultre, the series called the Master Grand Tourbillon Continents, that showcases continents with different hues.

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Splash into colors with Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Mouse


Bored with the same old looks of our computer mouse? Feel like you could do with a change? Then bring on the colors to liven up your digital arena just like Summer does. How? Logitech brings before you such a collection of brilliant looking optical mice that might just suit your taste.

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The ultimate thermometers

The craze of smartphones, these days with back to back releases has had a quite an impact on our minds, to associate any rectangular object that can be grasped in our palm, as some version of the same. If the color’s not the usual black or silver, then it is sure to be some new look for the device or may be a decorative case. Just keep on guessing before you read the next line.

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