The fascinating Hair Styles themed Pasta Packaging concept

pasta packaging in different hair styles _1

We have seen innovative ways in which food comes packed in boxes. Just take a look at these spaghetti, noodle and juice packages and you will be surprised. Now check out this new concept that creatively displays your favorite pasta showcasing curls, twirls and so much more. Don’t you like the simple idea?

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Weighing handle provides a neat solution for determining the weight of your luggage


Think about the idea of having a built-in weighing machine inside the handle of your suitcase? Interesting right? Well, Weighing Handle revolves around this very thought so that people can easily take a note of the weights then and there, as they pick up their individual baggage using their handles.

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GoFa shopping trolley speeds up checkout process, find out how?

No one likes to wait in a queue. That is why when we came across this solution on faster supermarket checkouts we were all ears about it. Conceived by Abhinav Dapke, the system comprises of a special cart called the GoFa Shopping Trolley and a cash register to sync with it.

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What car interfaces may look like in 10 years?

There were several “concept” cars for display at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011. However, Mitsubishi’s opinion of how automobile interfaces may look like in the next 10 years was a little more interesting. Called the EMIRAI automotive interface, the car featured a curved, touch-screen rear projection display.

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The green growing rain coat

Rain, rain come again! You would have said so if you had one of these growing raincoats. Replicating the idea that is used in vertical gardening on buildings, designer Airi Isoda from Wrk-shp has created this Tyvek raincoat which keeps you dry but simultaneously makes use of the rain to let the greens pop up.

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Fibreform, a sustainable paper packaging concept from Billerud

While plastic packaging has become a concern, researches are being made for replacements aimed to be biodegradable and hence ecologically responsible. One such paper packaging option is Billerud’s Fibreform. It being biodegradable, recyclable and cost-effective, opens up another venue in product packaging industry.

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