Meet Ulo, the cute home monitoring Owl


This little owl is called Ulo. It has been designed to be a proactive entity, primarily monitoring activities in your home when required. What makes it so endearing is its ability to communicate using different eye expressions, as if it were a real bird. Watch the video and you will see how it is able to bond with the user instantly!

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Sponsored Video: Watch how Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 stays intact after impact!

Today’s life is technology driven. So it’s no wonder that we rely on it completely. One such technological marvel, without which we simply cannot do is our smart phone. So it becomes important to keep it working all along and lessen chances of damage to it, if any.

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The Lego Mouse, shaped like a brick but works like a mouse


What you see is the Lego Mouse. Just like all the Lego designed stuff that we have seen like the radio, calculator and even sunglasses, this is obviously something new again. It isn’t simply a design but functional too with a left button, a right button and a scroll wheel. On the boring official desk this red USB mouse device can act as a fun stuff to work with.

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The Sleek and Smooth Portable Iron

portable iron 1

In today’s fast paced world when traveling seems to be a part of life, portability does become an important factor. Whether be it a gadget or a bath essential, it’s always great if it’s small and comes in a desirable shape that doesn’t hamper with your packing. So here’s a design of a Portable Iron by Apostol Tnokovski, that looks like a neat rectangular box which can change shape to iron up your clothes.

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Penguin Mouse looks ready for Winter

penguin mouse 1

It’s been some time that we came across some amusing mouse device. After all the designs we have seen so far [egg, chocolate, arcinasianstyle, heart] you can very much expect a penguin replica. So here is one that looks like an amazed penguin in a red muffler ready to do some surfing. It is called the USB Wireless Penguin Mouse and is available in four different colors.

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