Icon paper and envelope

Want to write an iconic letter? Well, then you need to get hold of an’ icon’ paper and an ‘icon’ envelope. And where are you supposed to find those? At Brigada Creativa of course! Designed into icons used in the virtual world, the paper and envelope combo is a fine interpretation indeed. The cartoon-ish appearance of the paper is hard to ignore.

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Mapenvelop shows you a satellite view of the place from where your letter was sent

By now many of you might have seen this envelope. So this post is for those who haven’t yet come across these Google mapped envelopes. A creative idea from Beste Miray, these envelopes on the inside feature the satellite imagery of the address from where it has been sent. Isn’t that an awesome idea of styling an envelop?

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Envelope your Cash and Credit


Remember the last time you wrote a letter? In these fast paced days of emailing, writing a letter seems like a beautiful memory of the past. Who can forget those days of envelopes arriving in mail boxes with neatly folded hand-written letters just waiting to be read! The way we miss the letters, we miss the blue-red striped envelopes too. Here’s an option to cherish those mail moments.

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