Browsers get eyebrow raising makeover as glamorous Women


Browsers and women… now what could be the connection between the two? You might brainstorm for a while before settling down to establish one. Or else you could take a look through the eyes of the person who came about the very thought of personifying today’s popular browsers.

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Mozilla Firefox completes its 10th anniversary

The world’s third most popular web browsers has just turned 10. Version 0.1 of Firefox, codenamed Phoenix, was released on Sept. 23, 2002 (although Firefox 1.0 wasn’t released until November 9, 2004). A lot has happened in these 10 years. Today, the browser is used by over 450 million people worldwide.

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Firefox 4 now available for Android

Mozilla has just released Firefox 4 for the Android platform. The application comes from Mozilla labs and is available in various languages. It supports tabbed browsing, various customizations and great bookmarking capabilities. Certainly a highly recommended download if you are an Android user. “Mozilla, a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Web better, is excited to release Mozilla Firefox 4 for Android. Firefox delivers an intuitive interface, unparalleled customization and support for modern Web technologies.

Firefox surpasses IE in Europe

Firefox finally surpassed Internet Explorer in browser market share, in Europe. According to the data from StatCounter, Firefox currently holds a 38.11% of the European browser market, while IE holds 37.52%. Surprisingly, Firefox didn’t do much to achieve this. It is Google’s Chrome, that spiked up its market share from 5.06% to 14.58% in just a year. Basically, Chrome took most of the share previously hold by IE.