Game boards get recycled into colorful Handbags

recycled board game handbags 1

Board games are typically associated with wonderful memories of childhood days. Had it been a family get-together or a challenge between friends, the excitement and fun is still cherished today. To keep the vibrant spirit going, iconic game boards are being given new life in the form of bags.

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Chocolate PS3 controller for your Valentine


That’s one way of saying Happy Valentine’s Day to dedicated gamers! Unbelievable yet true, you are looking at a PS3 controller in milk chocolate complete with striking red buttons. And along with it comes a disc, in chocolate too, sporting the lovely message.

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The Rubik’s cube lookalike Cubby House


Most probably you know about Rubik’s cube and the challenges it presents before us almost any time you pick up the jumbled puzzle. Many a times you might have also thought of taking a look inside the system by which it operates. In spite of the frustrations it provides, it’s an exciting toy to own and has been a loving one for decades. May be that’s why this Cubby House!

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