This Milk Carton lookalike Birdhouse is made of recycled materials


The striking resemblance of the bird house to a milk carton is not by chance. The shelter made of repurposed elements which includes discarded ply pieces and steel gathered from non functional home appliances, was indeed inspired by the structure of a milk carton and thus the shape.

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With Cella you can have tiny gardens pop up in your home


Cella is a light-weight plastic planter crafted for mosses and small plants that is capable of creating a microclimate for the greens to flourish. In addition to its sculpted looks, it boasts of a flexible structure with the ability to get interlinked  giving users creative freedom to enjoy around their home.

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Wine bottle gets recycled into delicate succulent garden


Now who wouldn’t love having these neat mini gardens for their indoor decor? The elegant wine bottle, cradling the succulents in its cozy interior, undoubtedly makes for a fine piece to own and display. And don’t worry about them to roll away as they are stabilized by two cork pieces.

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