Companion Stools look like a duo of curious alien specimens on earth


Did you just have the thought that these inanimate objects were in conversation, as if, they were extraterrestrials beings having a query about earth? With a striking structure consisting of a head, eye, body and limbs… it sure does appear so!

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Quad, a wood trivet that seems to transform magically!


Quad might look like a simple looking trivet but in fact is a bundle of surprises. Initially it appears to be a boring box of wooden cubes [check out the package] that you lay flat to support your small sized pots and pans. However on inspection, you would find it to be more of an engaging piece of creative solution for your table top.

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Soundplotter uses sound to determine the shape of 3D printed vases


What if you could translate a message that you had said or a sound piece that you had created into a one-of-a-kind vase? Quite a thought, right? Well, Soundplotter revolves around this very idea of creating personalized 3D printed vases, in which the shape of the vase is guided by the parameters of sound.

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Watch comes packaged in distilled water. Find out why?


No, they aren’t just pictures to trick the eyes. Astonishing but real, the brand new watches have indeed been packed in water pouches ready to be purchased by customers. But when you learn why, you realize that the clever package does speak for itself.

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