Soft Serve Sundae Time is the New Coffee Break

icecream depot sx1000 _1

Whether at work or at home, many of us need a coffee break or two just to get through the daily grind. But don’t you wish that you could occasionally have something a little different during your break time? Coffee is extremely popular, but if you could have your daily sugar fix or “pick me up” in a different package, why wouldn’t you?

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Ice Cream bench looks real, just make sure you don’t take a bite

Can’t take your eyes of this tasty creation, right? Want to finish off this delightful sweet treat before it melts away and the biscuits become soggy? Furniture designs can sometimes be really tricky and tempting. Well, here’s the proof. This Icecream Bench that replicates the likes of ice cream sandwiched between chocolate biscuits indeed looks yummy and can be a good fit for any chocolate themed decor.

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