The fascinating Gold Shirt


What you see here is not a historical artifact but an Indian man’s dream come true in the form of a shirt, that’s entirely made of gold. While it is one thing to own gold as investment and another thing to process the same as a wearable shirt; it definitely arouses curiosity for all.

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Amazing living bridges in Meghalaya, India

living bridges meghalaya

We are presently looking at a special kind of bridge which not only has an uncanny feeling to it but boasts of being a living one too. Living? Yes, you absolutely read that correctly. The bridges have been constructed from growing roots of Indian rubber trees. Located in Meghalaya, which is one of the north-eastern states of India, these bridges provide connectivity across various rivers and streams.

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The Ogle Table looks like a huge Lego block balancing a clear top

The previous post about building something from Lego blocks was the ‘pandal‘ in India. Once again we are back with another form that is none other than a coffee table. Built out of solid plywood with a perspex top, the Big Ogle Coffee Table is several times larger than our favorite plastic Lego block.

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The Lego themed pandal in West Bengal, India

Wondering about the huge Lego house in the picture? This is actually a ‘pandal‘ [temporary installation] which has been made to look like a building block structure. In West Bengal, India, ‘pandals’ usually can be seen constructed from bamboo, ropes and cloth in addition to other materials. This beautiful pandal was constructed in the year 2010 on the occasion of Durga Puja [a Hindu festival for Goddess Durga] in Jodhpur Park, West Bengal.

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