Rubik’s Cube Cake preparation requires calculative moves just like the puzzle

rubiks cube cake 1

While Rubik’s Cube is fascinating in itself, the toy inspired objects are no less either. There have been bags, mugs, tissue box cover, tables and many more, paying homage to the popular puzzle. Today we are excited to bring you the Rubik’s Cube Cake… which when sliced, reveals the iconic pattern!

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Super simple DIY Paper Chess Set for road trips


Check out this neat DIY project that teaches you to easily construct a paper chess set, for enjoying a game or two, while on those boring road trips. What you need are some computer skills, a printer, regular scotch tape, packing tape, scissors and just paper. That’s it!

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Washing Machine gets recycled into 3 awesome Chairs!


This DIY project is titled ‘I used to be a washing machine‘ and shows you the process of disassembling and converting a non-functional washing machine into three wonderful furniture pieces; namely the Buddy Armchair, Dorry Chair and Dramms Stool!

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