The Test Tube Chandelier

Maria S. C. Test Tube Chandelier

The colorful structure [above] is actually a chandelier and quite uniquely, has been created using laboratory test tubes. Named the Maria S.C. chandelier, the gorgeous piece is said to be inspired by Nobel Laureate Maria Sklodowska-Curie [Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry] .

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Horseshoes get upcycled into stylish wall hanging, lamp and clock


While the term upcycling isn’t new to us, horseshoes in this context are definitely something we haven’t discovered yet. So check out these interesting products all upcycled with discarded horseshoes, that also uses materials like leather and wood.

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RPR Float Table resembles a Rubik’s cube in which individual cubes levitate


RPR Float Table is a special kind of table that is both a utilitarian and a sculptural piece. Although it may look like a Rubik’s cube replica in structure, it is devoid of the striking colors of the popular puzzle.

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The Tracktile Table has built-in tracks for toy trains to deliver the yummies

Toy trains have always been a craze for both youngsters and the young at heart. Laying out the tracks,  joining them, posting different signals, attaching the engine with the coaches are some of the exciting things involved before everything is set to go. Well, here’s something similar you would definitely like to take a look at.

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