Stewie Ice Cube Tray


Want to make your drink more interesting? Either introduce strange glasses [like floating glasses] or add odd looking ice-cubes to rock the party. For different people there are different options of ice cubes available like the Tetris or the Pi or the jewel, but for Family Guys there’s now Stewie Griffin shaped ice forms for that extra cool feel to the drink.

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Awfully real Juice boxes for the true Fruit Juice Lovers


Fruit juice is supposed to be the most healthiest drink ever. They are natural, tasty (usually), colorful and ofcourse extremely nutritious. If you are one of the juice lovers, you will find this interesting. Check out these juice boxes which look like real fruits just to keep you more motivated in having these healthy drinks. The box design actually represents the drink inside.

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Icy Jewels for the Pricey Drink

jewel ice cube tray 1

As Summer approaches, beating the heat definitely becomes essential. Who wouldn’t like to settle down with a favorite drink all iced up, for that ultimate refreshing feeling. With a variety of drinks to choose from, nowadays we have our choice of ice cubes too. In the correct sense they can’t be called ice cubes as they are simply not cube shaped but the term is generally used, even with geeky forms like the Pi-form or Tetris-form!

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